Harassment of Ayesha Akram should be punished harshly

Showbiz personalities have expressed outrage at the incident of harassment of Ayesha Akram by knocking on Pakistan Minar in Lahore and demanded severe punishment for those responsible.

Actress Aiza Khan says that so far because of corona virus, people say to stay safe at home, but it is a shame to say that stay at home, now there is a threat to honor outside.

Actress Anusha, while reacting to the incident, said that it is sad to see that men have harassed a girl.

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Actress Maryam Nafees has said that Ayesha Akram was not alone, it was day time and she was in full dress.

Actor Farhan Saeed says that he is ashamed to be a part of this society, the way men did horrible things, it is shameful.

Senior actor Noman Ijaz has said that he has been embarrassed since he heard about this incident. Are such Pakistanis?

The actor also says that it was an army of 400, they should be given exemplary punishment, those who did so should drown and be ashamed.