How was Lady Doctor killed in Lahore

The statement of Raja, a friend of Lady Dr. Khula, who was killed during a robbery in Defense area of ​​Lahore, has come to light. Raja was also an eyewitness of the murder.

According to the police, the body of the slain Dr Khula has been handed over to his heirs after postmortem.

Police said that the slain Dr Khola had gone from Defense N Block to Z Block to meet her friend Raja.

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Sohaili Raja told the police in a statement that as soon as Lady Dr. Khola parked the car outside Raja’s house, two robbers on motorcycles came.

According to Raja, the two robbers pulled a pistol on the victim’s neck. At the resistance of the lady doctor, the robbers opened fire and killed the lady doctor.

Sohaili Raja also told the police in a statement that the dacoits snatched Dr. Khula’s wallet and mobile phone and fled.