Husband shot dead his wife in a domestic dispute: Karachi

A woman was shot dead by her husband during a domestic dispute in Malir area of ​​Karachi, while the accused fled after the incident.

In Malir Gulshan-e-Amna’s house, the husband shot dead his wife. The victim was identified as Mustafid, a mother of four.

According to the victim’s son, the accused is the third husband of the victim.

In a statement to police, the victim’s son said the mother had remarried for the third time after her divorce from her second husband.

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The son said in a statement to the police that the victim had sold his house a few days ago. The accused took Rs 2 million from the victim and spent it on gambling and intoxication. The accused then fled the scene.

Police have seized 2 shells of 30 bore pistols from the spot and further investigation into the incident is underway.