I’m not as serious as I look, Usman Mukhtar

Showbiz stars are often known by their fans for their roles, and if an actor starts playing the same roles over and over again, the fans will understand his personality just like those characters. 

Something similar has happened to Usman Mukhtar, who is now stepping out of his roles and telling his fans about his personality. 

In a recent interview, Usman Mukhtar said, “I’m not as serious as I look in the characters.

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Usman Mukhtar said that my life with my family and friends is full of laughter, humor and happiness. 

“People close to me know that I am very different from the characters I played,” he added. 

At the same time, Usman Mukhtar also hinted at doing a comedy role, and said that if I get a chance, I will do a comedy role with full enthusiasm. 

“I want to change the perception of my fans that I’m just serious,” he said.

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