India: Offering free petrol to people named Neeraj

In honor of Neeraj Chopra, India’s first and only gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, a petrol pump offered free petrol to the public. 

 According to media reports, the owner of a petrol pump in Bharuch, Gujarat, India, had offered free refueling to people living in the area named Neeraj. 

The petrol pump owner said that he had decided to provide petrol free of cost in honor of gold medalist Neeraj Chopra. 

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A man named Ayub Pathan had announced that anyone whose name is Neeraj in the area can fill up to Rs 501 petrol from his petrol pump for free. 

His offer lasted only two days for which all the people named Neeraj filled petrol by revealing their identities.

Ayub Pathan later presented the figures, according to which 28 people named Neeraj dumped a total of 150 liters of petrol in vehicles worth about Rs 15,000.