An interesting reason for an Indian government official to sell vegetables has come to light

An interesting reason has come to light for an Indian officer selling vegetables in the northern Indian state.

According to Indian media reports, pictures of Indian government official Akhilesh Mishra selling vegetables on a busy street went viral on social media in the last few days. Heard by

Akhilesh Mishra, an Indian government official, said in a Facebook post that he had recently gone to Uttar Pradesh for government work. ۔

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According to Akhilesh, the poor vegetable seller had gone to look for her son who had asked her to play but did not return. Took a picture and posted it on his social media account.

In a post written in Hindi, Akhilesh Mishra further said that he was not aware of the incident where pictures of him selling vegetables were going viral on social media. He had seen his Facebook post after it went viral. ۔