Interesting comment of Indian actress for Sajjal Ali

According to Indian actress Sonam Bajwa, Pakistani actress Sajal Ali was born to touch the sky.

Actress Sajjal Ali shared a photo on her Instagram account with the caption, “Sky is my favorite part of my life.”

Millions of her fans expressed their liking for Sajjal Ali’s beautiful picture while the Indian actress also made an interesting comment.

Expressing her admiration for Sajjal Ali’s post, Indian actress Sonam Bajwa wrote, “And you were born to touch the sky.”

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It should be noted that Indian artists are also among the fans of Sajjal Ali who showed the essence of art in the Indian film ‘Moom’. The late actress Sri Devi also appreciated Sajjal Ali while now Sonam Bajwa is also seen as his fan.

Sajjal Ali is playing an important role in the new drama serial Iron Man. The drama serial Iron Man includes Sajal Ali and Kabra Khan besides Yemeni Zaidi, Saira Yusuf and Rimsha Khan among others.

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It may be recalled that Sajjal was engaged to actor Ahad Raza Mir on March 14 last year.