Jemima sought help from Pakistanis

Jemima Goldsmith, a British producer and Imran Khan’s ex-wife, sought help from Pakistanis for her film.

Addressing Pakistanis living in the UK in his recent tweet, he said he needed a Pakistani-style rickshaw for the film in London.

Jemima also said that he would need a Pakistani-style rickshaw during the shooting of the film on Tuesday and Friday next week.

If anyone can help them in this regard, let them know if anyone is familiar with such a person,” Jemima wrote.

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In response, a Pakistani user, Ehtesham-ul-Haq, provided information about the rickshaw he wanted, in response to which Jemima asked him to contact him.

Ehtesham-ul-Haq gave his e-mail address and apologized for making the WhatsApp number public. Jemima thanked the e-mail address itself.

It is believed that Jemima had announced that she intends to make a film soon, which has already started shooting.

The story of the film is expected to be about love and marriage between London and South Asia.

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According to a report, Pakistani actress Sujal will also be seen playing the lead role in the film.

The scriptwriter and producer of the film is Jemima Khan and she will make it under the banner of her production house while with this project Bollywood director Shekhar Kapoor will return to the industry.