Jose Manuel Guzman beat his sister to death after she had sex with another man

Jose Manuel Guzmán, a Guatemalan immigrant who had intimate relationships with his own sister, killed her with a baseball bat when she discovered she had slept with another man, prosecutors in El Paso said.

Guzman is from Guatemala but has lived in Texas for almost all of his life

Guzman, 32-year-old would have erupted in anger after finding out his sister was with a friend who had visited her the night before. He allegedly then committed the brutal homicide at the home they shared in the town of Canutillo, and attacked her with a “massage tool” and a bat, El Paso County District Attorney said.

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Guzman is a legal resident of America. He has lived in El Paso since he was 3 years old and only recently did he know he had a sister in Guatemala. They met and allegedly began a sexual relationship, according to authorities.

Prosecutors said that Guzman and his sister, who has yet to be named by authorities, got into an argument on February 1 that got physical when Guzman punched his sister and knocked out one of her teeth.

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The next morning, Guzman discovered that his sister had sex with a male friend while he was asleep, which detectives say prompted the attack.

Guzman allegedly killed his sister by hitting her on the forehead with a “massage instrument” and a baseball bat, authorities say.

Guzman, who works in landscaping, then confessed to his mother who contacted the authorities while Guzman attempted to clean up the blood.

Prosecutors in El Paso have stated that Guzman has dealt drugs and has faced criminal charges in the past, including being accused of breaking a man’s arms with a bat as well as shattering his windows back in 2017.

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He continued to try to clean the blood in the house and ran away when he heard police approach, according to the El Paso Times, cited by the New York Post. He was later arrested, charged with murder and arrested on a $1 million bail.