Kanye West Wears Creepy White Face Mask in NYC

Ye is turning more heads in NYC than normal by covering his entire face with a mask that even he would have to admit is … just beyond the pale.

The artist formerly known as Kanye West is strolling around the Big Apple in your standard-issue ball cap, shades, Balenciaga leather jacket — oh, and one of those rubber or latex masks he’s been wearing a lot lately!!!

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This one is super light-skinned, though, to put it lightly. Hell, who we kidding? It’s downright Caucasian.

Ye is even wearing something around his neck to keep the same skin tone from his head to chest. He did miss a spot — from the back, you can see his real skin.

No one really knows what the hell he’s up to with these masks. As we first reported, he’s filed to trademark “Ye” for use on designer COVID-19 face masks, but we figured that was more akin to the surgical style masks we’ve been wearing since early 2020.

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The full masks might be COVID-safe, but it’s gotta be hot as hell in there. If Ye can make these things popular, there’s nothing he can’t do!!!

We’re sure 1984 Eddie Murphy would approve.