Kashmira Shah took Govinda and his wife by surprise

Bollywood actor Govinda and his wife Sonita Ahuja’s arrival at Kapil Sharma’s show has sparked quarrels in their family. Before the shooting of Kapil Sharma’s Gonda and Sonita as guests, Govinda’s nephew Krishna walked out of the show.

The situation worsened when Govinda’s wife started raining on Krishna Abhishek, who was not in a state of reconciliation at the time.

However, later Krishna’s wife Kashmira Shah also took Sonita and Govinda by surprise.

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Talking to an Indian channel, Kashmira said that to be honest, I am not interested in this whole riot. 

He also said that these people have not existed in my life for the last five years, do not want to talk about them, otherwise I have a clear answer to give them.

Commenting on Sonita’s recent statement, Kashmira said that she was trolled when she was told by a fan about Krishna that she had no talent.

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Kashmira added that only those who know nothing about talent speak.

He also said that Govinda and Sonita did not come to us even when our son was born, we no longer consider him a member of our family.