Keep influencing everyone in the same way: Babar Azam’s message to Haider Ali

Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam has congratulated Haider Ali, the first gold medalist for Pakistan in the history of the Tokyo Paralympics, on his remarkable achievement and sent a message that he will continue to impress everyone in the same way.

“Congratulations Haider Ali, we are all proud of you,” he wrote in his tweet.

Babar Azam sent a message to Haider Ali on his remarkable achievement that “continue to impress us all in the same way.”

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It should be noted that Haider Ali of Pakistan made history in the Tokyo Paralympics and became the first Pakistani to win a gold medal in the Paralympics for Pakistan.

Haider Ali hails from Gujranwala. Haider Ali’s right leg is two inches thinner and one inch shorter than his left leg at birth.