London taxi driver impressed by PM Imran Khan’s son

A voice note is currently circulating on social media platforms in which a London taxi driver is talking about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s son Suleiman.

In this viral voice note, the taxi driver can be heard saying that he drives a taxi in Chelsea, London.

The other day he received a request from a rider, he arrived to pick up his passenger.

He saw a well-known young man coming from under a flat in the distance. By the time he got close to the young man, he had read the passenger’s name and remembered that it was Suleiman, the son of the current Prime Minister of our country, Imran Khan.

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According to the taxi driver, “Suleiman got into the taxi and sat down. When asked, Suleiman also confirmed that he is Imran Khan’s son. Suleiman also said that he uses the taxi on a daily basis.”

“His taxi was normal, not a first-class taxi, but a normal Ober,” said the taxi driver.

The taxi driver added, “They liked Suleiman’s attitude and talking. After asking Suleiman, he took a selfie which Suleiman had comfortably allowed. Suleiman said that he would be there in January next year.” I will come to Pakistan.

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The driver repeatedly said in his message that he was surprised to see that the son of an active prime minister of a country is such a simple and humble man.