Mando Dero train accident, railway traffic restored from down track, Jaffar Express leaves

Despite the derailment of five bogies of a train carrying coal from Karachi to Sahiwal near Pinnu Aqil, the operation of inland trains was resumed two hours later due to the efforts of railway authorities.

The Jaffar Express, which was leaving Rohri railway station at the time of the accident, was called back to Rohri station and was diverted to the destination from the down track.

According to railway sources, trains are being diverted from the down track at the site of the accident. Earlier, the Jaffar Express was diverted from the down track near the accident site.

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According to sources, about 10 inbound trains from Karachi are being stopped at various stations, which have been directed to pass through the crash site in a phased down track and keep running at the destination.