Many ventilators in Nishtar Hospital in Multan are bad.

Many ventilators for corona virus patients at Nishtar Hospital in Multan have gone bad. Even patients in critical condition could not be given ventilators.

Nishtar Hospital in Multan has allocated 90 ventilators for corona virus patients, some of which belong to Nishtar Hospital, while the Punjab Government, National Disaster Management Authority and The NCOC had sent ventilators to Nishtar Hospital.

The number of ventilators for corona virus patients in the hospital is 90. According to focal person Dr. Irfan Arshad, 83 ventilators have been provided to the patients while 7 ventilators are empty.

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On the other hand, the relatives of the patients undergoing treatment in Corona Ward and ICU say that most of the ventilators are bad and even if the ventilators are correct, they are not given to the patients, especially those patients who do not have Corona. No facilities are being provided in the ward.