Medical benefits of eating chocolate for breakfast

Chocolate is one of the favorite foods of people of all ages. Chocolate, which is eaten as a dessert on happy occasions, is associated not only with happiness and celebrations but also with human health, which has been proven many times in scientific research. Has done

According to medical and nutritional experts, eating chocolate has numerous health benefits, including the release of happiness hormones, the naturally pleasant mood and the immediate treatment of complaints such as headaches, chocolate from stress. Helps to save.

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According to medical and dieticians, eating chocolate is very beneficial for health, while numerous scientific studies on the use of chocolate have also shown that eating chocolate, especially for breakfast, increases its benefits, including chocolate for breakfast. Due to its use, a person stays in a good mood throughout the day.

According to experts, there are two types of chocolate, black and dark (brown) chocolate. Experts say that brown chocolate produces a substance called ‘serotonin’ in the brain which relieves stress, chocolate in anxiety and stress. Reduces up to 70%.

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Brown chocolate is also very helpful in preventing heart disease, its use reduces the risk of stroke.

Black chocolate, on the other hand, balances insulin levels and keeps the cardiovascular system healthy and active. According to experts, black chocolate reduces the negative cholesterol that harms health and increases positive cholesterol. Use also plays a role in normalizing blood pressure.

According to experts, a study of 968 volunteers between the ages of 20 and 80 found that eating chocolate for breakfast increases mental capacity, health and performance.

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Research has confirmed that the use of chocolate for breakfast is also extremely helpful in reducing excess weight.

 According to nutritionists, eating chocolate before 9 am does not harm its health, while eating chocolate in the middle of the day provides benefits and energy, but due to the extra calories stored in the body to produce fat. It also causes.