Minal Khan changed her name to Insta after her marriage

Actress Minal Khan, who got engaged to actor Ahsan Mohsin last night, changed the name of her Instagram account immediately after the marriage.

Minal Khan, the newlywed bride of Showbiz Industry, has changed the name of her verified account on the photo and video sharing app Instagram from ‘Minal Khan’ to ‘Minal Ahsan’.

News of the renaming of Minal Khan’s Instagram account is increasingly being shared on various social media pages where users are congratulating the new pair of showbiz industry.

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It should be noted that Minal Khan got engaged to Ahsan Mohsin Ikram on Friday, September 10. 

The marriage ceremony of Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram was held in Karachi in the presence of several stars of the showbiz industry and family.

Minal Khan, 22, wore a beautiful wedding dress and jewelery to his wedding, while Ahsan Mohsin, 28, chose a beautiful black sherwani for the big day of his life.

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