MM Alam, the brave son of the 1965 war and Pakistan Air Force

Fakhr-e-Pakistan Muhammad Mahmood Alam, who made a new chapter in the military history of the world in the war of 1965, raised the head of the entire nation with pride with his courageous abilities.

MM Alam, the grandson of the Pakistan Air Force, has been nicknamed ‘Falcon’ and ‘Little Dragon’ for his exceptional combat aerial skills. MM Alam’s bravery and passion cannot be forgotten in the world to come.

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When India imposed aggression on Pakistan in the 1965 war, Pakistan’s Shaheen, MM Alam, because of his skills and high morale, destroyed the pride of the enemy.

Squadron Leader MM Alam shot down five Indian Hunter fighter jets in one minute, four of which were shot down in just thirty seconds, a world record.

MM Alam had said in a clear message in his life that Pakistan’s air capability dominates India.

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It should be noted that MM Alam, who made the impossible possible with his F-86 fighter jet, has been awarded the third highest military honor of the country, Sitara-e-Jarat.