Nida Yasir became a Twitter trend when an old video went viral

Leading Pakistani host and actress Nada Yasir has become a top trend in Pakistan on social media site Twitter after an old video clip of her morning show went viral.

This viral video clip shows Nada Const (NUST) University students asking some questions who built a Formula 1 racing car and the students were invited to Nada Yasir’s morning show on their remarkable achievement.

Nada Yasir can be seen in the video asking a few questions to the students. Nada Yasir asked about the Formula 1 racing car, can it seat more than one person?

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The student answered Nada’s question, “It’s actually a formula car, so only one person can sit.”

To which Nada replied, “Oh, this is just a formula right now. Have you ever tried it on a car?”

To Nada’s question, one of the students corrected Nada Yasir and said, ‘No, this is a formula car. We made it and it’s a race car. “

To which Nada Yasir surprised everyone by asking another ridiculous question, ‘So, does it run as fast as a petrol car?’

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This old video clip of Nada Yasir’s show has once again gone viral on social media and due to lack of information about Formula Cars, social media users are making interesting comments on this video clip due to which Nada Yasir is currently on Twitter in Pakistan. Are part of the top trends.

One user shared this video and wrote, “This happens when you complete your degree online.”

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Another user shared a meme on Nada Yasir’s viral video clip and wrote, “After watching Nada Yasir’s show, formula car companies are trying to make a three-seater formula car.”

Similarly, many social media users are making very interesting comments on this viral video of Nada.

Here’s a look at some more interesting tweets: