New Zealand tour to Pakistan canceled: According to Chief Executive New Zealand Cricket, the threat to the team was ‘specific and verified’

New Zealand Cricket chief executive David White said on Friday that the New Zealand cricket team had been notified of a “specific and certified” threat alert by the government, which was confirmed by New Zealand Cricket’s security consultants. It was also done independently.

David White said: “The PCB was informed of the basic nature of this threat, but the specific details could not be disclosed, nor will be disclosed. Neither in private nor in public.

A statement issued by New Zealand Cricket on Sunday said that 34 New Zealand players and staff members have arrived in Dubai where they are being quarantined for 24 hours at a hotel.

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It may be recalled that on Friday, the New Zealand team had announced to end its tour of Pakistan on the basis of security concerns.

Since then, there has been a backlash from Pakistan cricket fans across Pakistan, with the Pakistan Cricket Board calling New Zealand’s decision “unilateral”.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive David White said, “We know this is a very difficult time for the PCB and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Chief Executive Wasim Khan and his team for their professionalism and good behavior.” Are grateful for

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He said that the New Zealand cricket team was determined to play a series against Pakistan but after the guidance received from the New Zealand government on Friday, they had no choice so the series had to be canceled.

The first one-day international between Pakistan and New Zealand in Rawalpindi was canceled shortly before the start and the New Zealand team refused to continue the tour of Pakistan due to security concerns.

He added that New Zealand Cricket was confident of its initial decision to tour Pakistan, which included a detailed review of the country’s security situation and arrangements made to deal with the threats.

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“Everything changed on Friday, the information changed, the threat level changed, so we made the only responsible decision we felt was possible.”

“All I can say is that we were made aware of a specific and verified threat to the team,” he said.

“We had several rounds of talks with New Zealand government officials, after which we made the final decision and only after informing our PCB about it did the prime ministers of the two countries have a telephone conversation.”

“Unfortunately, after the information we received, there was no justification for staying in the country.”