Not all 400 people listed in FIR are involved in Ayesha Akram’s assault: DIG

Regarding the incident of trespassing with Ayesha Akram on August 14 in Greater Iqbal Park, Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, DIG Sharq Jamal said that not all the 400 persons registered in the FIR were involved in the incident.

Talking to media in Lahore, DIG Sharq Jamal said that those identified were the main characters of the incident.

He said that the investigation of the incident is still going on, a total of 105 people have been arrested and inshallah the rest will also be arrested.

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DIG Sharq Jamal further said that Greater Iqbal Park has taken the incident very seriously.

He also said that a total of 530 people were investigated in the incident, the police do not rely only on the identity parade.