News of leaving Juventus, offer to Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester City

Following the news of world football star Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Italian club Juventus, he has now been offered to play for Manchester City, the famous club in the English Premier League.

News of Ronaldo, 36, leaving Juventus has been circulating for the past several weeks.

He has a contract with Juventus until the summer of next year. According to media reports, Ronaldo’s agents are looking for a club that can pay Ronaldo a good sum and about ڈالر 30 million for his transfer to Juventus.

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English club Manchester City recently signed Aston Villa’s Jack Graylash for around 7 137 million.

The Manchester City administration also wanted to bring in English captain Hurricane Kane, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur, but Kane refused.