Police express “frustration” with family of Brian Laundrie

Police have expressed frustration that Brian Laundrie’s family did not report him missing for days after he disappeared.

According to his family, the fiancé of 22-year-old Gabby Petito has not been seen since Tuesday, in a twist that infuriated many involved in the search for her.

Police spokesperson Josh Taylor told CNN on Friday: “We’ve been trying all week to talk to his family, to talk to Brian, and now they’ve called us here on Friday, we’ve gone to the home, and they’re saying now they have not seen their son.”

He added: “So we are working through those details as we speak. It is another twist in this story.”

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In a statement posted on Twitter, the North Port Police Department said: “We understand the community’s frustration, we are frustrated too,” continuing: “For six days, the North Port Police Department and the FBI have been pleading with the family to contact investigators regarding Brian’s fiancée Gabby Petito. Friday is the first time they have spoken with investigators in detail.”

Mr Laundrie’s disappearance was confirmed by his family’s lawyer, who released a statement on Friday saying that his whereabouts “are currently unknown.”

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