Police find ‘Nothing’ in search for Brian Laundrie

North Port Police said that their search of Carlton Reserve for Brian Laundrie yesterday resulted in “nothing” being found.

Officers will be resuming their search for any signs of Laundrie in the swampy woodland today.

The force said in a tweet: “Our search of the Carlton is being called this evening due to darkness. Nothing found.

“Efforts will begin again Sunday morning.”

Wyoming campsite searched by FBI and park rangers

FBI agents and park rangers have carried out a search of a wild campsite believed to have been used by missing Gabby Petito.

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Dozens of officers from the FBI, the US Forest Service, Teton County Sheriff’s office and other agencies, looked for clues at the site at Spread Creek Road, about 20 miles north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Rangers from the National Park Service blocked the public and the media from entering the site, while campers were told to be gone from the site by the time the search started.