Prince Andrew Claims $500k Jeffery Epstein Settlement Bars Giuffre Lawsuit

We now know how much money Jeffrey Epstein paid to the woman who is accusing Prince Andrew of having sex with her when she was a minor.

According to just-released legal docs, Epstein paid Virginia Giuffre $500,000 back in 2009. The money was paid as a settlement of her lawsuit against the now-deceased sexual predator.

The settlement is relevant now because Giuffre is suing Prince Andrew, but he maintains the 2009 settlement in effect blocked her from suing him. Andrew’s lawyer points to a clause in the 2009 settlement that extends the release to other, unnamed potential defendants, and Andrew claims that covers him.

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Giuffre claims Andrew had sex with her in London, New York and in the Virgin Islands when she was still a minor. He has categorically denied the allegations.

As for the photo of the 2 of them … he has said he doesn’t recall taking it and suggested it might be photoshopped. He says he has no recollection of ever meeting Giuffre.

Prince Andrew’s lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss Giuffre’s lawsuit, claiming, “… Epstein negotiated for [a] broad release, insisting that it cover any and all persons who Giuffre identified as potential targets of future lawsuits, regardless of the merit—or lack thereof— to any such claims.”

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And, Prince Andrew’s lawyers say Giuffre got more than the $500k settlement from Epstein … they claim she got \even more money in exchange for a full release from all potential defendants.

Giuffre’s lawyer has called the Epstein settlement “irrelevant” to her lawsuit against Prince Andrew.