Prince Andrew fears being convicted in Buckingham Palace court

Buckingham Palace is fearful that Virginia Roberts’ allegations of sexual harassment against Prince Andrew will be substantiated in court.

According to international media reports, royal observer Molly Molshin said: “The fact that Buckingham Palace has denied the allegations, denies that the Duke of York had any kind of sex with Virginia Roberts. There was a connection or relationship and on the contrary any claim is false and baseless.

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“This is a direct reference to Buckingham Palace, so if this case goes to court and it is decided that Andrew has had sex with Virginia Roberts, Buckingham Palace looks scared,” the royal observer added. Is.’

Virginia Roberts has accused British Prince Andrew of sexually abusing her.

Virginia has filed a lawsuit in New York City court alleging that Prince Andrew sexually assaulted the infamous Jeffrey Epstein at his New York home.

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Prince Andrew is accused in court documents that twenty years ago, Prince Andrew’s wealth, power, strong position and connections enabled him to abuse a frightened, vulnerable girl with no one to protect her. Was