Prince Harry is no longer indebted to the royal family, the report said

Prince Harry, who broke away from the British royal family, is now an independent royal man and no longer indebted to the royal family.

According to international media reports, royal commentator Michaela Farrell has said that no one from the royal family will review Prince Harry’s biography because the Duke of Sussex is now an independent royal individual.

Speaking to an American magazine, the royal observer said that this is his life, he is now a free man, he no longer owes anything to the royal family and he has every right to tell his whole truth.

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The royal observer added that Prince Harry did not need the approval of any member of the royal family to publish his biography, nor did he need to go to his father, Prince Charles, nor ask for a review of the book. , it is nothing like that.

Royal commentator Michael Friel believes that biography is not as big a scandal as it is being seen or is being seen in the media.

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It is believed that Prince Harry has begun work on his autobiography and announced that it will be published soon.