Relations with the Taliban will depend on their attitude, Nigel Casey

The British Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Nigel Casey, has said that relations with the Taliban will depend on their attitude. 

According to reports from London, Nigel Casey said that Pakistan’s role in the future of Afghanistan would be very important. With Pakistan’s help, the Taliban’s positive attitude will make it possible to achieve the desired results. Currently, the only contact with the Taliban is for a safe evacuation. The Taliban will have to fulfill assurances from the international community.

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He said the Taliban must be allowed basic human rights and women’s rights, and the United Nations and other aid agencies must be allowed to operate. 

He said the Taliban had also assured that Afghanistan would not become a center for terrorists. Reports of Black Hawks and other military equipment leaving Afghanistan are incorrect. 

According to Nigel Casey, even if he leaves something in Afghanistan, it will not be of much importance. Like Britain, the United States has the right to defend itself against the threat of terrorism. He had been preparing for several weeks to deal with the emergency situation in Afghanistan. Neighboring countries are also carrying the burden of Afghan refugees.

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He said that the budget given on the basis of humanitarian sympathy has been increased. Want to see Kabul International Airport open, which will be challenging.