Rick Ross Says Hemp Hop Products are Health Game-Changers for Smokers

Rick Ross says that his weed-smoking and overall health have changed for the better — and it’s all because of a hemp business he’s gone all-in on … which sounds revolutionary.

We got Renzel on “TMZ Live” Wednesday to talk shop about his latest business endeavor — a company he calls Hemp Hop … which, as you can probably tell, is a play on “hip-hop.” It’s a CBD biz, that also dabbles in hemp products … especially when it comes to toking.

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Check out the interview to see what we mean here — RR tells us that ever since he ditched tobacco-laced blunt wraps and swapped them for hemp papers and other CBD spinoffs … he’s seen vast improvements to his well-being, visibly notable in his dramatic weight loss.

Rick explains why this new source is a miracle-worker … beyond just blazing up. He’s right, BTW — CBD is used for so many things these days — and is a great alternative medicine.

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Speaking of healing … Rick says the CBD products that Hemp Hop offers has even helped him with seizures he’s suffered from over the years, so you’re hearing it straight from the man himself — this stuff works, and he’s got it available to the masses with this new upstart.

Speaking of being a boss … we had to ask about Rick setting his son up with his own Wing Stop franchise — which is an empire that runs in the family … one that Rick’s been invested in for years and years now.

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He tells us he’s just trying to get his boy into the habit of running things early — and what better way than getting him on the ground floor with something that’s already in Ross’s portfolio.

Like father, like son!