The safety of NATO personnel is paramount in Afghanistan, says Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary-General Jan Stoltenberg says the safety of our personnel is paramount, and the diplomatic mission will remain in Kabul as long as possible.

These views were expressed by NATO Secretary General Jan Stoltenberg in a press release issued by the North Atlantic Council.

He said that the Council has discussed the latest situation in Afghanistan for consultation and in this regard we are in constant touch with the Afghan authorities and the rest of the international community.

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“Our goal is to provide all possible assistance to the Afghan government and security forces,” NATO said. The safety of our personnel is paramount. NATO will maintain its diplomatic presence in Kabul and make adjustments as needed.

The press release added that NATO allies are deeply concerned about the large increase in violence caused by the Taliban attack, including attacks on civilians, targeted killings and reports of serious human rights violations.

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The Taliban need to understand that they will not be recognized by the international community if they take over the country by force.

At the same time, the press release added that we are committed to supporting a political solution to the conflict.