Sajjal is no one’s friend, Yasir Hussain

Comedian actor Yasir Hussain has made a big revelation about Khobro actress Sajjal Ali.

He held a question and answer session with fans on Instagram, a user asked him about his friendship with Sajjal, whether he and Sajjal are friends.

In response to a question about Sajjal, he said that Sajjal is no one’s friend and this is his best habit.

Yasir Hussain said that this industry is not a good place to increase friendships.

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It should be noted that Sajjal Ali is a seasoned actress of Pakistan showbiz industry. She has acted in many dramas and films with Feroz Khan.

Sajal Ali was married to actor Ahad Raza Mir, son of senior actor Asif Raza Mir, in March last year.