Salman Khan surprised everyone by dancing among the fans

Legendary Bollywood actor Salman Khan surprised everyone by dancing among the fans. 

Remember that the Sultans of Bollywood are currently in Turkey where the shooting of their new film is underway. 

In the meantime, along with the shooting of the film, they are also doing sightseeing in Turkey, which can be gauged from the fact that besides Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, who is also part of the cast of the film, also shares photos and videos there. ۔ 

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However, this time Salman Khan’s video has come out not from Katrina Kaif but from a social media user in which Salman Khan, surrounded by fans, can be seen dancing. 

Salman Khan’s fans present there also started dancing with their favorite star. 

The video went viral as soon as I watched it, and now a series of interesting comments have started coming from her fans.