Sara Khan is waiting for the little guest to embrace soon

Showbiz industry’s beautiful actress Sara Khan is eagerly waiting to embrace the little guest soon.

“I’m looking forward to taking you in my arms,” ​​she wrote in the caption of her new photo, referring to her unborn child.

The actress did not say anything clear about the arrival of the baby but added in her post that “God willing, the baby will be in her lap soon.”

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This picture of her is being well liked by the fans as well as the leading actresses of Pakistan showbiz industry.

actress has closed her comments in this post.

It should be noted that in June this year, Sara Khan had announced the good news that an early arrival of her little guest was expected

Leading Pakistani actress Sara Khan, who tied the knot last year, announced the arrival of a little guest on Instagram, saying that a little guest is coming soon in Falak and my life, just remember us all in your prayers. Will keep

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Sara Khan is a seasoned actress in Pakistan’s drama industry. Nowadays, she is winning the hearts of fans with her lively performance in the drama serial ‘Lapata’.