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Scheme in Italy house only 192 rupees

Scheme in Italy, house only 192 rupees



Homes in European country Italy are being sold for just one euro. 

Yes, you read that right, the price of houses in the area seen in the picture is one euro ie 192 rupees Pakistani rupees. 


 The Italian government has come up with a scheme to populate this remote village and promote tourism here. 

The scheme has also been confirmed in the US media and it has been reported that the Italian government is selling houses here for one euro. 

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It is said that the sale of these houses will start soon and the vacant houses in this area will be filled. 


The government has also started receiving applications in this regard, with a deadline of August 28. 

According to media reports, if the houses in these areas are destroyed, then the government will build more houses here according to the facilities and offer them for sale.

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