Schulz and Lashit ready to form a coalition government in Germany

Schulz and Lashit, who want to be chancellors in the German election, are eyeing a coalition government.

Social Democrat Olaf Schulz says he will do everything possible to form a government before Christmas, while Christian Democrat Armin Laschitt says his political coalition will do everything possible to form a government.

“Our goal is to form a coalition government before Christmas,” said Christian Democrat Armin Laschitz.

Earlier in the day, exit poll results were released after parliamentary elections in Germany. The SPD has a slight lead with 25.9 percent of the vote.

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Angela Merkel’s CDU and CSU parties received 24.3% of the vote, while the Green Party received 14.5%, the FDP 11.5%, and the AFD 10.5%.

According to German media, the final and official results of the election will come out in the next few days, but the formation of a new government and the election of a chancellor may take several months.