Search for Brian Laundrie continues in Florida

More than 50 law enforcement officers are now using bloodhounds, drones and offroad vehicles are searching for Brian Laundrie in Carlton Reserve, a swampy woodland north of the city of North Port.

Mr Laundrie often visits the Myakkahatchee Creek Environment Park, which is tied to the 25,000 acre Carlton Reserve, according to North Port Police information chief Josh Taylor. He told his parents that was where he was going when he left their house.

Mr Taylor said that up to six different agencies were searching for Mr Laundrie. “We have had drones in the air, we have got bloodhounds, K9s, four by four vehicles. It’s very wet, it’s muddy. There are a few unpaved dirt roads. It’s a place that people hike. There are mountain bike trails out here. The Myakkahatchee Creek runs down into the city.”

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Explaining the focus of the search, Mr Taylor said that they began in the park area which is about 200 acres in size through which Mr Laundrie entered. There is then a bridge into the 25,000 acres of reserve land beyond that. The park is closed to the public.

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When asked if he believed there were concerns for Mr Laundrie’s safety, he said: “Sure, I think that’s fair to say. There is an enormous amount of pressure I’m sure on him to provide answers on what’s going on here.”