Shahid Afridi criticizes selection of team for T20 World Cup

Former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Khan Afridi has criticized the selection of the national team in the T20 World Cup. 

Talking to media in Washington, Shahid Afridi said that the team selected for the T20 World Cup is amazing.

The former captain said that it was necessary to have two or three players and some players.

He said that the selection committee has a big role in the selection of the team, Rameez Raja is advised to bring sincere and professional people closer.

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Shahid Afridi said that the work is to be done by his team and not by Rameez Bhai.

When asked if he would accept an offer from the cricket board, he replied that he was still engaged in charity work and would look forward to it.

Shahid Afridi said that he hopes that the arrival of Rameez Raja will bring some improvement, Rameez Raja has been close to cricket for a long time.

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When the journalist asked why Pakistan does not get superstars now, Shahid Khan Afridi said that superstars are made, the players will have to win individual matches to become stars.

Shahid Afridi said that talented players have to be trained.