Simona Cavallaro mauled to death by 12 sheepdogs ‘while their owner was in nearby bar’

A STUDENT Simona Cavallaro was mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs while their owner was in a nearby bar, prosecutors say.

Simona Cavallaro was mauled to death by dogs, an autopsy confirmed
She was enjoying a picnic with her boyfriend when she was set upon by the aggressive canines

Simona Cavallaro, a 20-year-old Italian, died after she was attacked by the dogs in the southern Italian town of Satriano.

The animals, thought to be 12 to 13 in number, had been left guarding a flock of unattended sheep in the nearby pine forest of Montefiorino.

At the same time, Cavallaro, had been enjoying a picnic in the woods with her boyfriend.

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The couple were set upon by the pack of stray dogs while they were passing through the densely wooded area.

Cavallaro’s boyfriend eventually got away but she was mauled by the dogs that are reported to have attacked every part of her body.

The boyfriend, who managed to hide from the pack of dogs in an abandoned shack, alerted the local authorities with a phone call.

Emergency services arrived at the scene and transported the 20-year-old to a local hospital who initially was still alive despite her horrific injuries covering all parts of the body.

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However, Simona died shortly after arriving for emergency treatment.   

Eight months after the attack, local shepherd, Pietro Rossomanno, was arrested on charges of involuntary manslaughter after he allegedly abandoned his flock.

According to Corriere De La Calabria, the 45-year-old was in a nearby bar when the fatal attack took place.

Prosecutors say Rossomanno allowed his dogs to watch over his flock and could have prevented them when they became aggressive towards the young woman.

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The prosecution alleges that his conduct was negligent – showing a complete lack of care for the basic rules set up to regulate livestock.

Rossomanno remains under house arrest as the investigation continues.