Taliban banned the sending of dollars and artefacts out of Afghanistan

The Taliban banned the export of dollars and artefacts from Afghanistan.

 The Taliban say Afghans have been banned from carrying dollars and local artifacts.

A Taliban spokesman said legal action would be taken against those violating the ban.

Russia, on the other hand, has allowed about 1,000 Afghans to leave Afghanistan.

The Russian news agency says the Afghans include Russian passports and residency holders and students from Russian institutions

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Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia would not deploy troops to Afghanistan.

Vladimir Putin said he had no intention of interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

He said that lessons have been learned from the defeat of USSR.

Meanwhile, China demanded accountability of foreign forces stationed in Afghanistan before the Taliban took control.

The Chinese ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council said foreign forces, including the United States, Britain and Australia, should be held accountable for human rights abuses.