Talking to Taliban is in everyone’s interest: Ned Price

US State Department spokesman Ned Price says it is in everyone’s interest to continue talks with the Taliban.

Speaking at a news conference in Washington, State Department spokesman Ned Price said he wanted to see the Taliban keep its promises.

“We are reviewing matters for relations with the Afghan government. The interests that have been gained in Afghanistan for 20 years should not be lost,” he said.

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Ned Price says he is in contact with the Taliban and will continue to help the Afghan people, all countries agree that they want to do everything they can.

Talks must continue to avoid a humanitarian crisis, he said, adding that the Federal Reserve was looking into the بینک 10 billion frozen Afghan bank.

A State Department spokesman said Zalmai Khalilzad was in talks with the Taliban and appreciated the Taliban’s cooperation in the departure of American and other citizens from Kabul airport.

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He added that such moves by the Taliban could gain international acceptance, as well as contact with Americans remaining in Afghanistan.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price also praised Pakistan’s role in the current situation in Afghanistan at a news conference.