The campaign against FiveG technology is not for fame, Johi Chawla

There was a lot of talk earlier this year when Bollywood actress Johi Chawla filed a case against the introduction of FiveG technology in India.

However, the Delhi High Court had dismissed his two petitions along with his application and imposed a fine of Rs 2 million on him.

Internet users accused Johi of trying to gain fame through it. 

After weeks of silence, Johi Chawla said on Monday that she had been campaigning for a decade to raise public awareness about electromagnetic field radiation. ۔

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“I am deeply saddened by what happened in June,” he said in a statement. On the one hand, I was accused of gaining publicity, on the other hand, I also received heart-warming messages from many anonymous people.

He said that he fully supports them, one of which was sent by a group of farmers from Maharashtra, which brought tears to my eyes. 

He said that these farmers wanted to run a volunteer campaign and send money to me from ten thousand people of their farming community to help me pay the heavy fines imposed on me.