The situation in Afghanistan, the testimony of the ups and downs

In Afghanistan, where the elders saw the ups and downs of the situation, the youth of this land also went through the ups and downs of time.

“When the Taliban first came to Afghanistan in 1996, I was about 20 years old,” an Afghan citizen told Geo News.

An Afghan citizen took a picture and said that it is from that time, friends are standing with me.

Peering into the beautiful memories of a fascinating past and youth, Muhammad Isa saw the Taliban come to Afghanistan more or less 35 years ago and seize power.

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Muhammad Essa spoke to Geo News about his childhood in Afghanistan, the steps he took on the threshold of his youth and the windows of the past.

Muhammad Essa, who lives in Kabul, saw the first six years of the Taliban, worked in Pakistan for many years and then returned to his homeland.

Today he has his own business here. According to Isa, this time the Taliban are different from the previous Taliban.

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Those who were Taliban in that era, they were almost illiterate, those who came in that era, they are all literate, they all know.

Muhammad Essa, like other Afghans, now wants peace, tranquility and only peace on Afghan soil, he hopes that this time the sun of peace will surely rise on his land.

It will take some time for these people to settle down and we will try our best to be patient until it is settled.

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The streets and bazaars of Kabul are not in need of a new war, they are now in need of lasting peace, stability and prosperity.