The weather in Karachi will be very hot for the next 5 days, then it will rain

The weather in Karachi will remain hot and humid for the next five days, with temperatures expected to hover between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius, while rain is expected in the city from September 16 to 18.

According to Sardar Sarfraz, director of the Meteorological Department, low pressure is present in Rajasthan, while another low pressure has formed in the Bay of Bengal.

He said that the intensity of low pressure in the Bay of Bengal is high and due to low pressure in both the cities till September 14, the intensity of heat in the city is likely to increase.

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The director of the Meteorological Department said that the weather in Karachi is likely to be extremely hot from September 14 to 16, during which the temperature is likely to remain between 38 to 40 degrees and sea breezes are likely to remain suspended while hot winds from the northeast are also expected. Can walk

According to Sardar Sarfraz, rains are expected again in the city between September 16 and 18 due to the monsoon system.