Traffic resumes on Korangi Causeway in Karachi

Traffic has been restored on Korangi Causeway in Karachi. Water is still available on Korangi Crossing river due to which it has been closed for traffic.

According to the traffic police, traffic has been restored on Korangi Causeway and vehicles are plying from there.

It may be recalled that after the rains in Karachi a few days ago, the flow of water in the Malir River had increased, after which the Korangi Causeway and the road from Qayyumabad to Korangi were flooded.

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Due to floods on the roads, the traffic was diverted to the alternative route Jam Sadiq Bridge, due to which there was severe traffic pressure yesterday and people remained stuck in traffic jams for hours.

On the other hand, a police mobile was deployed along the Malir river which was blocking the traffic coming towards the river.