Travel Guidelines and Requirements due to COVID-19

New Corona rules have been announced for those coming to Saudi Arabia from abroad.

According to the Civil Aviation Department from Riyadh, the regulations apply to passengers arriving in Saudi Arabia on direct flights.

According to the Saudi Civil Aviation Department, recipients of a certified vaccine must be quarantined for five days upon arrival in Saudi Arabia. PCR must be performed 72 hours before arrival in Saudi Arabia and re-tested 24 hours after arrival in Saudi Arabia.

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The Saudi Civil Aviation Department added that the Corona would have to undergo PCR again on the 5th day if a negative result was found.

Saudi Arabia has announced a separate regulation for children under the age of 18. According to which children below 18 years of age have to undergo house isolation for 5 days.

According to Saudi officials, children over the age of 8 will have to undergo PCR on the 5th day.

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According to the Saudi Civil Aviation Department, the new rules will take effect on September 23.