Turn to the kitchen for a quick glow on your face

In case of a sudden invitation to a party or an invitation to a party, every woman immediately thinks of a facial that will brighten the skin and give it a natural glow. Apply it

Some of the items used in the kitchen on a daily basis contain ingredients that women are still unaware of.

If you suddenly have to go somewhere, in case of emergency, an emergency mask and facial can be prepared at home, the results of which will surprise you and make this facial a part of your routine.

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How to do facial immediately with the items available in the kitchen?

For an instant facial, first massage an oily cream on your face, applying a little pressure on the fingertips.

After 15 to 20 minutes, clean your face and now take boiling water in an open-mouthed vessel, cover yourself with a towel and steam.

Keep a distance of at least one foot between the steam pot and the face.

After sweating well on the face, clean the face thoroughly with a tissue and now spray rose water on the face.

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Preparation of face mask

Add milk, lemon juice, honey and the most important ingredient to the crushed tomato pulp in the basin as needed for ‘instant glue’ on the face.

Now mix this mask together and apply it on the face, neck and arms.

After 15 minutes, wash the mask by massaging the face in a circular motion with the help of finger tips.

Now massage the dark circles around the eyes for 5 minutes from the top and wipe with a tissue, now wash your face with a good face wash and spray rose water.

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This process will remove dark spots under the eyes and the face will look more transparent and radiant.