Two Likud Natural Gas cargo purchase deals for October

Documents for the purchase of 2 cargoes of Likud Natural Gas (LNG) for October have come to light.

According to the document, deals have been made for the purchase of LNG cargo for October 2021.

According to the document, Pakistan LNG Limited has finalized deals for both the LNG cargoes.

According to the document, Pakistan needs 7 LNG cargoes in October and November, of which 2 deals have been finalized.

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According to the document, for October 8-9, LNG traded at 19 19.84 per MMBTU, while for October 23-24, LNG traded at 20 20.28 per MMBTU.

According to sources, expensive bids were received for the purchase of 7 LNG cargoes for October and November.

According to sources, bids for 5 cargoes were immediately called after receiving expensive bids, out of which 2 LNG cargoes were traded for October.