US targets were achieved in Afghanistan, Anthony Blanken

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has said that US goals were achieved in Afghanistan, it was time to end the long US war.

“We got the agreement with the Taliban from the previous administration. Under the agreement, the Afghan government was urged to release 5,000 prisoners. If the agreement is not adhered to, there is a risk of attacks on US forces,” Blankenship said in a statement. Was

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“The United States was likely to suffer further losses in Afghanistan. More time in Afghanistan did not guarantee an end to the war. The security of American citizens has been our priority,” he said.

Anthony Blankenship added that from March to August, 19 messages and warnings were issued for Americans to leave Afghanistan, and since March 2020, not a single Afghan citizen has been interviewed in the special visa program.

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“We expanded the special visa program, in August alone we were able to deport people under the 100 to 1,000 per week visa program,” he said.

The US Secretary of State said that a diplomatic mission has been launched in Afghanistan, we will continue to help American and Afghan citizens in Afghanistan, Americans and other citizens who want to leave Afghanistan will be evacuated.

Anthony Blinken said the Taliban had said that Afghan soil would not be allowed to be used by militants, adding that al-Qaeda and ISIS would not use Afghan soil.

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“We will continue to play a role in counter-terrorism in the region, with 30 330 million in humanitarian aid being provided to Afghanistan this year,” he added.