US Treasury Department has no plans to restore billions of dollars in frozen Afghan assets

The US Treasury Department says it has no plans to restore billions of dollars in frozen Afghan assets, and is not easing restrictions on the Taliban’s access to the global financial system.

The news agency says that US President Joe Biden’s administration does not intend to restore frozen Afghan assets in US banks, the decision to release frozen Afghan funds is up to top US officials and departments.

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US President Joe Biden will make the final decision on releasing frozen Afghan funds.

Financial experts say it could take months for Afghan assets to recover.

The news agency says 10 billion in Afghan central bank assets are frozen in US banks, and the IMF has barred the Taliban from accessing new 440 million in emergency reserves.

The US State Department, the Treasury Department and the National Security Council are considering frozen Afghan assets. Afghanistan’s gold and foreign currency reserves in US banks have been frozen since the Taliban took control.

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Human rights groups have warned that Afghanistan’s economy could stagnate if Afghan assets are not restored.

The news agency says that due to the shortage of cash in Afghanistan, fuel and food items are becoming more expensive.