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Vladimir Putin to be overthrown by three key rivals in ‘hammer to the head’ coup claims ex-CIA insider

Vladimir Putin to be overthrown by three key rivals in ‘hammer to the head’ coup claims ex-CIA insider



A SECRET plot to overthrow Vladimir Putin could already be in the works, according to a CIA-insider.

It’s possible that members of Vladimir Putin’s closest circle may stage a coup d’etat designed to take him by surprise and deliver the “hammer blow” that brings down the Russian leader.

Daniel Hoffman, a former head of the Moscow station of the CIA, made the assertion that Putin’s associates will try to assassinate the president covertly if the invasion of Ukraine does not go as planned.

“These guys that are going to do it are going to be so secret about it so that Putin doesn’t discover them and murder them first,” Hoffman added. “These guys that are going to do it are going to be so secret about it.”

“It’ll happen all of a sudden. And he’ll be dead.”

According to a former head of intelligence, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine could lead to his own downfall, and members of his inner circle could be planning a coup to seize control of the conflict. This was stated by the former head of intelligence.

“No one is going to approach Vladimir and ask, ‘Hey, Vladimir, are you interested in quitting?’” No. He received a f*cking hammer blow to the head, and as a result, he has passed away. Or it’s time to check into the sanatorium,” Hoffman said in an interview with FOX3.

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“They schwack him for it. That’s what they’ll do.”


Due to Putin’s failing health, rumors have begun to circulate that Russia may soon have a new leader. According to Hoffman, there are three essential characters to keep an eye on in the event that Putin is removed from his position.

Nikolai Patrushev, the head of Putin’s Security Council, is at the top of the list of individuals who may conceivably assume control of Moscow.

Alexander Bortnikov, the director of Russia’s top-secret intelligence agency, the FSB, is likewise believed to be high on the totem pole in the event that Vladimir Putin is removed from power.

Nevertheless, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, a key Putin supporter who has played a very conspicuous part in Russia’s struggle in Ukraine, seems to be the candidate who would be the most likely to take over in this position.

Due to the length of the conflict in Ukraine, there have been rumors that Vladimir Putin could be murdered due to the fact that he botched the invasion of Ukraine, with his inner circle using his deteriorating health as an alibi.

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Another former CIA operative, Ronald Marks, believed that a new leader could be on the horizon for Russia, and he predicted that if Putin were to be removed from power, Moscow would descend into anarchy as a result of a big power struggle.

“There’d be a mad-dash scramble for a few weeks over who gets power,” he told us.


“It wouldn’t immediately be condemned to the fires of hell. We are not yet discussing the deployment of tanks in the public square. You’re going to notice, though, that the guys that are surrounding him are going to be competing with each other for that job.

Even though the former intelligence agent indicated that Putin is secure as long as Russia is still able to make advances in Ukraine, the president would be in danger if the war started to move in the wrong direction and Russia started to lose ground in Ukraine.

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“Russia is now making progress, and they have no plans to retreat from the fight. When you’re ahead, nobody gives you any room to breathe.

“I think he’s up for grabs,” Marks said, adding, “If Ukraine by some miracle were able to push these guys out of the Donbas, and make it humiliating for him, then I think he’s up for grabs.”

“The Russians are extremely sensitive, perhaps much more so than they would admit, to the public opinion that exists within Russia.

It’s a country that’s going to blow up eventually, but it’s going to take a while… If you want to know where the explosion is likely to start, look no farther than the economy. When they are unable to obtain food and when conditions become as difficult as those described, then you will witness people living on the streets.


According to reports, Ukrainian intelligence believes that Alexander Bortnikov is destined to take over as the next leader of Russia’s armed forces as Putin’s inner circle prepares to take leadership of the military invasion. They also fear that Putin could be removed from power.

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